The Devil’s Walk

This is what fixed my legs. This is what kept me going for miles and miles, till I puked, cried, fell down, but most importantly what made me keep on running.

Sweet unrest is what would start me of in a relaxed mood.
Song of Los forced me to joyfully pick up the pace.
Black water brought me back to focus on my breathing, pace and position.
Goodbye made me look around and enjoy the view.
Candil De La Calle broke me down and kicked me to the ground while still reminding me to keep pace and overcome what was buried underneath.
The Soft Voices told me to recoup and forgive myself for being weak, but keep going, never stop.
Escape, breathe, relax you’re almost there.
Ash-Black Veil, by now the hurt is gone, there is no more place for it, just the endless stretch, the zone.
A Bang In The Void, the last stretch, there’s enough left in the tank to top your laps.
Your house is mine, relax your home.

Yes this is an over-dramatized depiction. But at times some of them where more then real. This is one album that I am overly biased about. In my mind it is golden and legendary. It might be utterly crap, but for me it holds a value and the power of sentiment. If you want to understand where I came from and how I fought to lose both weight and emotional baggage, then this is my soundtrack. It saved me, it stood by me and now is part of me.


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