2011-10-21 – Google Announces Gabri

Just half a year ago the advertisement industry was shaken with the acquisition by Google of CBS Outdoor international. During the held press conference after the Google take over in March 2013, Lary Page announced that Google had big plans with the advertisement reach they would gain in the public space, plams that would revolutionize advertising. And now, only half a year later, Google is revealing these plans to the world, with the Gabri.

The Gabri is a revolutionary advertisement platform that brings Google’s proven internet strategy to the streets and everyday life. Working with different hardware and licensing partners Google has created a new product with the best of technologies available.

At first glance Gabri looks just like a regular advertisement bill board screen you see everyday. What makes the Gabri different is the way it can cater personalized adds to specific consumers. Working with Samsung a new breed of paralax display has been manufactured. Where regular Paralax screens these days can deal with up to three viewing angles, this new screen dubbed the Paral-XL can go up to 5 individual viewing angles and Samsung expects to bring this up to 9 angles in the coming years. Where paralax displays in advertisement have been used before in billboards for 3D effects and ads that follow you. These new Displays can actually show 5 different adds at the same time. This is coupled with a new multi directional array of focused sound, licensed from LRAD and manufactured by Bose to submit, if needed, the accompanied sound with the corresponding advertisement without bothering other consumers with the sound. The Gabri can read and position NFC enabled/equipped devices and clothes from as far as up to 10 meters. With a powerful but radiation safe LT-XL embedded hotspot from Motorola, the users Google-ID can be cross-referenced and checked, and within a second a personal advertisement can be served on the spot. In the demo Google served, an example was used where a consumer could take a coupon by tapping their phone against the advertisement, for a rebate from the Starbucks right around the corner. Google is set on making the Gabri advertisement methods available for small businesses with a lower marketing budget and expects that this is where the biggest revenue will come from. “For us it doesn’t matter from which advertisements we get hits, but if it can help local businesses grow their revenue then we would prefer that.” The Gabri will also be laced with the super efficient Google Rays Sunpanels that where introduced a year ago in San Diego, with the overflow of collected energy being siphoned into the cities electricity grid.

Google Gabri will start rolling out in Paris this summer, but Google has also planned to plant a few singular Gabri’s in all mayor European cities at mayor city hotspots, to show of this new advertisement technology.