It happened on a fortnight, whatever that might mean to you.

It just sounded nice,… Fortnight.

So let’s wiki that bitch ass “Fortnight”, it tells me a Fortnight is fourteen days or roughly half a moon cycle.

Moon cycles very important for the female human counterpart. I would encourage males to get used to that cycle A.S.A.P.

Okay, it happened on full lit moon night, true story.

When Coincidence slaps you in the face, slap it right back.

You see distraction is the name of the game, so I distract.

There is always a coherent story.

As long as your amount of relevant information is as much as mine.

If it is not, it’s going to be damn hard to understand everything the keystrokes bring.

But there’s a story, there’s always a story. This particular story places me in my fave watering hole, with circus people, making puppies out of balloons, contortioning a leg behind the neck, to prove they are for real.

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