Twitter Updates for 2011-03-29

  • I hereby declare T-Mobile in Amsterdam NL utterly and completely #deceased #TimeOfDeathUnKnown #
  • PBS Nova – Evolution Part 1, Darwin’s Dangerous Idea Part 1 of 2 #
  • Brave new Worlds, for #youngnewoldpeople #
  • @ikbenirisniet Pfew, Nieuwe Album releases voor deze week: Britney Spears :P, The Generationals, J Mascis, Radiohead, Pete Yorn, Royal Bangs #
  • @ikbenirisniet the Mountain Goats, The Sounds, TV On The Radio, Within Temptation, Wiz Khalifa, Foster the People.
    Kies maar iets uit. #
  • @Philomenabb I don’t use illegal sources #MyLittleSecret And the Ares site is on Peerblocks Blacklist to, so someone is tracking you 😉 #
  • @Philomenabb It’s no secret I backup new music releases @ Which I can do as long as they are password protected. #
  • @Philomenabb Spammer Bot #
  • Yes I hold no secrets, naah that’s not true. #
  • @koush what I’m wondering now is where the X-Play onboard games are stored to? On Memory or SD Card? Not interested in those 6 Onboard games #
  • @BrandonMiniman Big Fat Bass Somehow reads like Big Fat Ass in my twisted Britney Spears Free mind. #
  • LauncherPro Update… Yay check #
  • @orb3000 Check your PM’s 😉 Bit late I know. #
  • @BrandonMiniman First two songs are horribly bad, sorry. #
  • @StoHelit don’t know if this has been requested before. But doing a search query for current song in/on youtube app/site would be handy. #
  • The Engadget Show – 019: HP’s Jon Rubinstein, Palm TouchPad demo, Nintendo 3DS, Samsung 9 Series #

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