@XDA Surface 6.1 Rom for the HTC touch

Noonski is enjoying the end of his three-month project Surface 6.1 rom for the HTC Touch.

A unique (proof of)concept Rom.
Yes I can say that about something I made myself let me explain why.
I replaced the default HTC interface Cube with a modified custom Cube made with Mort Menu. But that isn’t everything.
I put contextual Mort Menu’s under each hardware key Long Press, yes I enabled Long Presses for almost all hardware keys.
So the camera button will bring up three camera related options + the voice record is back under a hardware button, like it once was with a few other devices.
Also the Long End Press of the Red Dial Key, Green Dial Key and Power Button would bring up more related Mort Menu’s with more options/functionality then their simple old selves had, which was none.
One swipe left or right in any of the long pres menu’s would get you in the rest of the existing extra Mort Menu’s in a cube interface.
More on the extra menu’s at this post.

I added and replace loads of icons, and made a few modified themes to choose from, but the nifty theming lies in the trick that whatever wallpaper you would choose as your home screen wallpaper, would be used in the whole Mort Menu Cube interface.
The reason I called this a proof of concept rom is because not enough rom cooks actually add anything new, creative or productive to their cut and paste roms with just a theme change and some added apps.

This was the first Rom where I started using MortScript as part of the Flashing process. I build in a function that was meant to show the danger of using Mort Script pre-build into an already insecure Windows Mobile operating system.
You can place a graphic of choice on your SD card and it would be taken into the interface as the icon for your own personal menu.
Nice extra, but this should set off alarms for some people, as this means I had access to your SD card. One bad script and I could have deleted everything not write protected. Luckily the Windows Mobile Community is a good one not interested in wreaking Havoc. I could’ve also copied your PIM and send it to myself.

Oh and yes, the Rom is also as lightweight as possible without callback SQM’s. (check your Windows it also likes to collect SQM’s for sendbacks)

It also has a Custom skinned Volume Control and Home++ battery/overclock plug in. The CPU was configured to scale between the savest known Minimum and maximum for the HTC Touch/ELF. The battery is amazing and user speed is good. There has been nothing like this for the ELF, proof me wrong.

Surface, XDA, 6.1, ROM, Mort, Menu, Script, Unique Context, Function, HTC, Touch, ELF

Surface, XDA, 6.1, ROM, Mort, Menu, Script, Unique Context, Function, HTC, Touch, ELF

Surface, XDA, 6.1, ROM, Mort, Menu, Script, Unique Context, Function, HTC, Touch, ELF

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