Firestarter Remix Video By Noonski

I had just joined the Adobe account and I stupidly said yes to join the Company Partee Committee. Must have been a stupid action, triggered by hormones.

The assignment was to use music, art and video either selected, made or submitted by colleagues and shot and edited by us (The Party Comity). This to make videos for the VJ graphics of the party. Problem was, I had never done anything with video, except for one lesson in Adobe Premiere, a lesson I had just received that same week. Since I try to be a man of my word I had to learn real fast. And stubborn as I was I did not ask my fellow experienced colleagues for tips. I picked a song and made up a story, borrowed a camera, shot it and then cut it to pieces. The largest part of the work went into putting it back together again, into something I believe to be coherent. In the end, I can say that I was proud of the outcome. Especially since one of the more experienced video editors came to me and said one of the effects I made was “cool”. Thank you, Fuji Kaido for not making me feel embarrassed and noticing that. After I actually learned something about editing, I wanted to go back and change a few parts because I was ashamed my amateurism would shine through too much.

In the end, I’m grateful that I was pushed to do this, as this made me make a dream come true, direct and make my own movie/video.

As I was doing my big spring cleaning I came across the DVD with all the clips we made and realised now would be a good time to test this new .webm video conversion. The whole cleaning up thing is a story that is still being worked on and will never end.

If all goes well I might upload the rest of the videos made by my fellow colleagues too.

PS: Conclusion of .WebM format conversion, Just Plain Crappy

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